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Health by 4 Beers

What is Health by 4 Beers?

4 Beers beers have a Health component. It is their nature are copyright ales that have high nutritional value. Our beers are 100% artisan, produced naturally, without chemical additives and double fermentation unlike industrial beers lacking secondary fermentation and consequently gasification does not occur, whereby the carbon dioxide must be injected artificially.

In contrast 4 Beers, CO2 is generated naturally.

They also provide vitamins, minerals and other substances with functional properties such as polyphenols and natural phytoestrogens.

Read on and know our Health component in detail:


Especially the group B. And especially folic acid, whose presence in 4 Beers make it one of the main sources of folate that can be incorporated into the daily diet. Other vitamins are present in 4 Beers, riboflavin (B2) that aids digestion, pyridoxine (B6), niacin and thiamine (B1), both involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates.

Soluble fiber

It provides soluble fiber so that moderate drinking prevents constipation and is also associated with a decrease in bad cholesterol. Minerals It contains numerous minerals, among which the bioavailable silicon, which is involved in the formation and repair of bones, and helps to increase bone density and slow bone loss.

Ethyl alcohol

The amount of alcohol present in 4 Beers is small. 4 Beers recommends responsible consumption and moderate. But despite the devastating consequences that alcohol abuse can cause, there are documented scientific studies on the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption on health, if healthy adults and are not following any drug treatment with this substance could interfere. For example, the risk of heart attack is up to 60% lower among moderate drinkers compared with heavy drinkers or abstainers. In addition, moderate consumption of alcohol raises levels of good cholesterol, reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

It has also been linked moderate consumption of alcohol with a delayed onset of menopause, and in the case of 4 Beers, it is noteworthy that this could influence phytoestrogens containing, whose chemical structure is similar to that of estrogen natural, and that would be responsible, according to some experts, a delay of about two years at the onset of menopause in women who drink beer in moderation.


These substances with antioxidant properties , and form part of the composition of fruits and vegetables , olive oil and tea, are also present in fermented beverages such as wine and beer. Among its properties , it highlights the ability of polyphenols to slow cellular aging and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


It is slowly metabolised carbohydrates and released little by little units blood glucose . With this slow release and high blood glucose point peak it does not occur , which prevents hyperglycemia episodes appear or hypoglycemia .